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Dear Razzer,

Why are you and I here?   I'm here because I am compelled to write.  I'm a writer.  I'll write with no one at all to read.  I'll write anonymously and for free and for money and in a spotlight.  I also love Razz.  I learned a lot about it after playing it almost exclusively for five years.  I had a bunch of articles I wrote for 2+2 Magazine, and a lot of journal notes from my own play and from books and from Stox poker.  I was reorganizing and wanting to rewrite, anyway, and so, this book is a logical progression of my interests. I'm not sure why you, specifically, are here.  Some are curious, some want to learn, some are detractors looking for ammunition.  But I dedicate this work to you, whoever you are. 

In this book is a lot of information about the game of Razz poker.  It's December 1st, the beginning of Advent, my wish for this year is for ten people who buy this and read it and get Razz.  I wish they would become fine Razz players and sometime, one or two of them would let me know that and say, "Yeah.  Some of this worked really well for me."  That's what I wish would happen. And I wish no one would ever believe or do anything just because someone says it. Find your own game.

Play happy,



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