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I really should do some sort of advertising-like sales pitch.  But I included the Dedication and Introduction and a copy of the Table of Contents, so I'm not sure what more to say.  If you don't know when you should fold A23, or when you have fewer outs but more equity, or that Sklansky's 5th street declaration about what hand is definitely ahead is just wrong, well, then there's stuff inside the book that's going to be worth at least $5 to you if you play a lot of Razz.  I've written about and taught a lot of things in my life, but this is the first time I wrote something this complex and informational, a teaching kind of thing, that included a lot of my personal experiences, like hands and so forth.  It seems pretty self-aggrandizing.  But, what I wanted to accomplish was to stop talking on forums very much and just let people have as much good information on the game as I could provide at a very low price with easy accessibility.  So I did that. Don't know what else to say. Here's a reduced screenshot of a partial page/chapter from inside just so you have an idea what it looks like:

Play happy,


3rd Street

Basic Game Play and Introduction  Structure of the game, Razz Terms, Betting, Board Reading, Counting Hidden Cards, Starting Hand Strength

Position Play  Interpreting action relative to position, Bring-in, Early Position, Steal Positions: AS, ST1, ST2.

Bring-in Defense and Ante-Stealing Attrition, Pot Odds, Deciding when to defend, The tie factor, Stealing

RAZZMATH: The Hand-Rating System Why we need one, Absolute vs Relative Hand Strength, How to Use the System, Razzmath Guide, Advanced 3rd Street: Playing a Brick for Fun and Profit

Do, Don't, Maybe and Monsters  Limping Weak, Auto-jamming 3rd, Brinks Hands & Pot Odds, Limping Monsters, Flat Calling Monsters, Folding Monsters

4th Street to the River

4th Street Brick, Bet and Beguile
  Power Betting the Weak Hand Against the Weak Opponent, Power Folding the Weak Hand Against the Strong Opponent, Checking the Strong Hand Against the Weak Opponent, Calling the 4th Street Brick, The Multiway Exception

5th Street: Myth, Manna and Mystery Correcting Sklansky, The classic Example, Ahead with Fewer Outs, Adjusting Hand Value, Playing the Manna Hand

6th with a Bit of Leftover 5th  All about Equity, They Aren't Sklansky's 6th Streets Anymore, Where Are You?

RIVERPLAY  Leaking Rivers, Mystery Hand Play, Value-betting the Non-nut Hand,  Bluffing the River

Multiway, Tournament and Heads-up

Multiway Pots  Assessing Hand Strength,  4th the Hang-back Street,  When to Push on 5th,  The 6th Street Equity Anomaly, River

Tournament Razz  There is no "M" in Razz,  Early Stages,  AIP,  Mid-stage Strategy,  Inside the Bubble

Heads-up  Playing from the Two Positions, Raw Equities, Cash Table HU - 5 Hands,  Cash Table vs Final Table

The Bubble: Folding into the Money ... or Not  A little ICM background,  Razz MTT on the Bubble,  The Bad Play and the Worse Play,  When to Push


Attrition: the Cost of Play

Boardlock: Mortal and Transient

Brickers: the Advent of Slot-Machine Razz

Elements of Razz  Absolute vs Relative Hand Strength, Bankroll, Buy-in & WinRate,  Image, Player Notes - Multilevel Tracking,  Full vs Short Tables,  Tracking Upcards,  Razz in Mixed Games,  Counting Zombies

Full Tilt vs Poker Stars: Never "Loosen Up" Your Starting Requirements Because of Ante Structure

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